Going Dutch with Audios from the day’s services

Last Sunday we sadly had to say fair-well to Ruud Nobel. Ruud is a Dutch student who has spent the last few months as part of our congregation while working at Emmaus Christian School. He has been a great pleasure to have and his help with the youth group has been greatly appreciated. We will really miss him as he is such a friendly guy and has been a great ambassador for Holland.

On Sunday morning it was lovely to have Ruud’s Family join us for worship. We studied Acts 13:13-52 and the title of the sermon was Preaching Here, Today, To You . After the service, we had an informal meal together, in honour of Ruud. After the evening service we finally said our goodbyes! The reading  was Exodus 26 and 27 and we looked at the instructions for building The Gateway to Heaven.

Thank you so much to Ruud for all his help and encouragement. We hope that your time here has been enjoyable and it has been wonderful to see you growing in faith. We pray for a safe journey and that you have a great holiday. But beware, we may invade Holland!