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  • Sermons from the Book of Exodus

                    To hear the sermon from Exodus 36:8-40:38 click here: Eating from the Lord’s Table To hear the sermon from Exodus 36 click […]

  • Getting the balance right (message recordings)

    This morning we finished what has been many months of work reading through, and applying the message of the Book of Exodus to our lives. The great themes of the […]

  • Doing the Work, and Staying Free (Sermon Recordings)

    Reading Exodus 36 today it gave us opportunity to think about the good things God has given to us, and the the way He would have us to use them. […]

  • What God wants. (Sermon recording)

    Continuing in Exodus, we read chapter 35 this morning. The passage sets out the skills, and materials required for building the sanctuary for God. What we noted is that willing […]

  • Exodus 34 – God is Greater (message recording)

    Our morning reading touches on the aftermath of the giving of the Ten Commandments, and the distressing incident of the Golden Calf which followed it. The good news of this […]

  • Weekly service sheet

    You can download this week’s sheet here: Week beginning 23rd September

  • Problem Solved (sermon recording 16.9.12).

    We have continued in the book of Exodus to chapter 33 now, and the record of the efforts of Moses to reconcile God and His people after their making of […]

  • Sunday 9th Sept. Morning Sermon Recording

    The reading this morning was Exodus 32, the famous incident of the golden calf. It’s such a familiar story that we could miss what it is exactly that is at […]

  • Sunday August 12th sermon recording.

    This Sunday’s ministry came from the books of Exodus and Galatians. In the morning we read Exodus 31:12-18 concerning the Sabbath. Hence the sermon title being simply: Rest. If you do […]

  • Inspiration and Interpretation – Sunday 5th August

    During the morning’s service we read Exodus 31 which concerns the artists and craftsmen who were to be given the commission to build the place of worship at the time […]