• Emmaus School Choir visit

    On Wednesday, children from Emmaus School, which is our local Christian School, with which we have links, came to sing at our Together meeting. We thought you might like to […]

  • Women’s Conference recordings

    This year saw our second women’s conference ably lead by Catherine who delivered three sessions on the subject – Beauty through Brokenness. It was a real privilege to host so […]

  • 1 Thessalonians – Expecting Jesus

    Thessalonica was a fast growing and influential city. The Romans administered the region of Macedonia from there, it had good communications and was of strategic importance. What makes it so […]

  • An ABC of the Psalms

    A mini-series preached by Phil Taylor in October-November 2013 introducing three themes which crop up throughout the Book of Psalms: October 27th: ABC of the Psalms part 1: Anointed King (Psalm […]

  • Messages on Discipleship

    In Ben’s absence, we’ve appreciated the ministry of Geoff Weekes from Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath who has led us through a 4-part series entitled “Lessons in Discipleship: bringng glory […]

  • Recent ‘one-off’ messages

                  10th November 2013: Richard Haddow speaks from Isaiah 25: The coming of the Lord 3rd November 2013: Rupert Bentley-Taylor speaks from Matthew 25: The Master […]

  • Messages from the Book of Acts

                            To hear the sermon from Acts 17:22-34 click here: Who are our services for? To hear the sermon […]

  • Messages from the Book of Leviticus

    To hear the sermon from Leviticus 24 click here: Blasphemy To hear (Paul Morris) sermon from Leviticus 23 click here: Christ in the Festivals To hear the sermon from Leviticus […]

  • Visit by George Platt

    On Sunday 8th September, George Platt preached here at NBBC. George first came to us as an intern at the end of his first year at the London Theological Seminary […]

  • Messages from Philippians

    Hear the message from Philippians 1:1-2 here: Gospel People. Hear the message from Philippians 1:3-6 here: Gospel Partnership Hear the message from Philippians 1:1-18 here: Gospel Churches Hear the message […]