Religious freedom

Our Chapel, built is the 1960’s, has a much longer story to tell than the mere fifty years since.

NBBC 1961

Recently I read with interest an article in our parish magazine produced by the local Anglican Church, about the changes and unchanging aspects of local life. I particularly noticed two things, one, the mention of ‘the turbulent history of the Christian faith in this area during the years of persecution of non-conformists’ (like ourselves), and second, ‘the splits and arguments that follow the Church through the years as it continues to ‘proclaim the Good News of the Risen Jesus’.

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Acts of God



For some time now, after finishing Matthew’s gospel, I began preaching through Acts. We have arrived at chapter 19 now. The reason it has taken so long is not just that the book is so full of help for us, but also because I have been stopping and getting distracted. For example,

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Women’s Day Conference – Designer Marriage.

designer_marriage_4 (1)

This is a first for us here at NBBC, we have done workshops and run women’s groups, travelled away to women’s conferences, but not run our own. Now thankfully we are in that position, so put it in your diary and come along.

Designer Marriage Talks

  1. Love
  2. Honour and obey
  3. Forsaking all others
  4. Till death us do part




The Mark Drama

mark_drama_leafletThis Easter we are wanting to invite you to come and see the Gospel of Jesus in the order that Mark sets it out, portrayed over a 90 minute period here at NBBC. No need to book a seat but come early to avoid disappointment. We do not think it suitable for children under eight, but there is a creshe facility with a relay so that parents can be bring younger ones and supervise them in a separate room and still be able to watch the event on screen if they wish.

Christianity Explored

mark_drama_leaflet_back_christianity_exploredWe run these courses on a fairly regular basis now in order to give people who are wanting to find out more about the Christian faith for whatever reason the opportunity to do so. Click on the image above to zoom in for details and come along.

Mark Drama information session.

mark dramaOn Sunday at 2pm, after our fellowship lunch, we are having an hour or so with Jonny Boustred who is coming to talk to us about the Mark Drama.

Jonny directed the production of the Mark Drama at Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath last year, as well as doing two Christian Union productions as well. He has agreed to direct us here in April as part of our Passion for Life national outreach.

When I saw the production at Bath I was a bit sceptical, imagining stuck on beards and towels on people’s heads, but I knew the people doing it and thought, ok, let’s see, and my faith was not disappointed. To be impacted again by the whole sweep of Mark’s Gospel reminded me powerfully that Jesus is God, and just how life changing that is.

The information session is aimed at giving everyone a chance to find out what is involved, to pray about how they can help, answering any questions and generally getting things under way, so do come. Jonny said he’ll explain what the Mark Drama is, how it works, what it means to be in the team, and there’ll be a time for a short demonstration and questions at the end.