World War One memorial

memorialA hundred years have passed since the commencement of the war to end all wars – what a terrible wake up call it was after all the optimism of the previous century. The war officially began on July 28th 1914 with Austo-Hungary declaring war on Serbia, after which it seems, there was no turning back.

Tony Deacon and Co. seen here, have started work on the memorial we are setting up here in here in partnership with the village commemoration committee. Though made of rough wood, it’s dimensions are in proportion with the Cenotaph in London and will be particularly used to remember the 18 members of the Parish who fell, and are commemorated on our Great War memorial inside our building, and also those whose names are not inscribed here. It will remain standing for the next four years to remind us of those anxious times a century ago when the World seemed so different.

After Church this Sunday (28th) we will be marking the occasion, but there is hoped to be an event we hope the whole village will come along to planned for the autumn.

memorial 2