Mark Drama information session.

mark dramaOn Sunday at 2pm, after our fellowship lunch, we are having an hour or so with Jonny Boustred who is coming to talk to us about the Mark Drama.

Jonny directed the production of the Mark Drama at Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath last year, as well as doing two Christian Union productions as well. He has agreed to direct us here in April as part of our Passion for Life national outreach.

When I saw the production at Bath I was a bit sceptical, imagining stuck on beards and towels on people’s heads, but I knew the people doing it and thought, ok, let’s see, and my faith was not disappointed. To be impacted again by the whole sweep of Mark’s Gospel reminded me powerfully that Jesus is God, and just how life changing that is.

The information session is aimed at giving everyone a chance to find out what is involved, to pray about how they can help, answering any questions and generally getting things under way, so do come. Jonny said he’ll explain what the Mark Drama is, how it works, what it means to be in the team, and there’ll be a time for a short demonstration and questions at the end.