Christ and Culture workshop

handsOn Tuesday evening we were looking at some issues we have been thinking about a lot over the last few years.

Having recently been looking again at Tim Keller’s book – Centre Church, which is available from our bookshop, I was using some of his material to help set out the workshop for us. People came ready to engage! It was an evening for those concerned with making a difference.

The Christian message has been hugely influential in the past, but now the feeling is we have lost our edge. What do we have to say to the people around us, how should we say it and what can we do to make what we say to them clear?

On Tuesday we looked at the culture we are immersed in, and church culture too, as well as the way we communicate God’s message. A good number came along to talk and pray these things through.

On Sunday evening, after reading Acts 17 we gave some more thought to this before communion, you can hear the message here: You can’t join a message.