William Kiffin and the Bradford Minister’s Fraternal

Church history is a bit lost on some folk, but it never ceases to amaze me when you think about what it might have been like to grow up at a different time. How did people try to work out their Christianity under such different circumstances?

Today, Robert Oliver at the minister’s fraternal at Bradford introduced us to the life of William Kiffin who I had never heard of. His dates are 1616-1701, and one is bound to think, what’s that to me?

What I came to think however, was just how much this man had shaped my, and probably your life. Continue reading “William Kiffin and the Bradford Minister’s Fraternal”

Rachel’s return

NBBC Member, Rachel Martin, has just returned from her eighth trip with Reach Out Bulgaria. The charity is a compassion ministry which engages with the plight of the disabled inmates of the state orphanages in that impoverished Country. You can read Rachel’s full report by downloading the document here: Bulgaria 2012.


Service report and audios – 1st July


At today’s service we had reports from those who attended the Bristol Men’s convention yesterday, and news from John Ikin’s induction at Union Chapel Bath. We also had the joy of fellowship with Stuart and Chew Chern Morgan of Crossings Church, Singapore. On a sadder note we had to say farewell to Jack, who has been on work experience with us this week. His visit has been a real help.

Sermons from the day are as follows, Continue reading “Service report and audios – 1st July”