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  • The normal Christian growth path

    Much attention, and rightly so, is given to the ‘order of salvation’, or in Latin Ordo Salutis – the way a person is brought to God, and taken finally to […]

  • Queen’s speech

      The Jubliee is coming up, and we will be involved in a few things in June. To warm up to it we published this poster with a quotation from […]

  • Sunday 30th April

    It was really encouraging to have a good number of visitors joining us on Sunday,  especially as a number of our regular congregation were away this weekend. In the morning […]

  • Christian Witness to Israel

    One of the mission organisations we have supported here is Christian Witness to Israel. Our involvement is quite recent as Ben was asked to come on to it’s Council as […]

  • Is Jesus really the only way?

      Phil’s talk at toast on Friday set out the differences and similarities between Christianity and the other faiths.

  • Women in Ministry

    The evening’s prayer meeting was divided between praying for each others’ needs,  and the Bible study. The study focused on the FIEC’s statement on women in Ministry: 1. The issues affect […]

  • Youth Zone

    At the church we hold a youth club on Friday nights called Signposts for kids aged 4-9.  The poster below will give you a flavour of what happens at the […]

  • Bonfire night

    November 5th is the Anniversary of the Church’s founding in 1775, it is also, which goes without saying, an important commemoration in British history. The consequence is that we usually […]

  • The new interior

      Earlier this year, after much discussion, it was decided to carpet the main auditorium and take the pews from their fixed positions and move them to the perimeter of the room. […]

  • A bit of history

    One of the unusual things about a congregation like ours is that despite worshiping in a modern building dating from the 60’s, our congregation actually dates back into the 1770’s. Set […]