Women in Ministry

The evening’s prayer meeting was divided between praying for each others’ needs,  and the Bible study.

The study focused on the FIEC’s statement on women in Ministry:

1. The issues affect us all, and has to be dealt with sensitively not just because of the political climate, but because these issues deal with people’s lives, hopes, and experiences. We want to build people up in the faith, not bulldoze people down in our ignorance.

2. The study is a Bible study, and as such is a precious opportunity to spend time together looking at the word of God, and learning together as a Church. The study is very well laid out for any group or individual to follow through and is a very good spring board for any discipleship session.

3. We here at NBBC are working on renewing our own corporate constitution, and that involves going over our own definitions of what we understand by Biblical leadership. It is also important as an FIEC affiliated Church that we are in step with the position taken by the body we associate with.

So far, during the evening we dealt with the introduction which strongly asserts the essential equality of men and women in creation and redemption. We then went on to do the first study in 1st Timothy, looking at the struggle that Church was going through to adopt a God honouring leadership model, and how the conclusions they came to speak to us today.