Swabian Adventure

This last weekend my son and I boarded a plane from Heathrow to Stuttgart in Germany. We were there to take part in a conference organised by Armin Bachor, CEO of EDI, a sister organisation to CWI of which I am Chairman.

Arriving to a warm welcome, a Church house group BBQ and a game of football in the park in beautiful 24 degrees, really nice families and good food. We stayed in the Church run hotel, opposite the Church Centre, Christian Cafe, Shop, worship building and youth Centre, all on the town main square!

On the Saturday we were treated to a visit to the Stuttgart Library where the only complete (bar one page) of Tyndale’s First Edition of the new testament is kept. There can probably be no more momentous historic document in terms of the shaping of the modern world and saving of countless souls. Melvyn Bragg’s  recent documentary about it was chillingly powerful.

We also visited the museum commemorating the birthplace of the nearly as momentous, automobile at the Mercedes Museum.

The conference itself was well attended with a good range of participants. I was very grateful for the translators who helped me get my messages across when talking more personally, discussing with the panel, or preaching from the Scriptures.

We were sad to leave, felt we had made in a short time, good friends and were encouraged to hear that the conference had been well received.

I was also really heartened to hear how well things had gone here at Church in my absence.