BenMy name is Ben and I was called here as Pastor to NBBC  in January 2007 from Wales, having recently finished studies at the London Theological Seminary.

Previously I had been involved in a business management career, though my actual degree was in Fine Art from Southampton. Originally from London, I came to faith in Jesus in the late 80’s through friends at University.

I have been greatly encouraged and privileged in the work here, and had the joy of seeing people come to faith, be baptised, join the Church, share communion, grow in service, rise to lead, and also go with confidence to meet their God.

Leading the Church however, is never the work of only one person. I am a firm believer in the Biblical model of leadership that involves the whole membership in decision making, and which trains, seeks out, and recognises, other Elders and Deacons to help direct and manage the whole business of Church life. I am very thankful that the Lord has placed gifted people around me here in the membership who challenge, and encourage me, and take a significant share the work.

Our Elders are:

Walter Burgess, an able speaker himself who liaises with our Deaconate.


Phil Taylor, who is the principal coordinator for evangelism and mission here.


Richard Haddow, who is the Church Secretary and runs many of our Christianity Explored, Discipleship Explored and CAP Money courses.

Our Deacons are:

Rachel, who oversees the Church’s general housekeeping.

Tim who looks after the technology.

Fee, who has no specific role, but looks after us!

This is just a snapshot – one body, many parts.