This Sunday

imagePracticing what we preach – that’s the theme of the message on Sunday morning. The reading is the last in the series from 1 Corinthians that we’ve been with this year.

The close of the letter (chapter 16) shows us Paul both practicing what he preaches, and preaching what to practice and I trust encourages us to improve both our preaching and our practice too.

In the evening, our last in thematic series from the book of Numbers. We’ve looked at God Himself in the book, and His people, leaders, law and land, but this time, it is His Son. Christ in the book of Numbers. The reading is 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 in which Paul states “they (the Israelites in the wilderness, as described in Numbers) drank from the spiritual Rock that followed them, and the Rock was Christ.”

Summer intern

imageThis summer, for the first three Sunday’s in August we have our annual intern coming down from the London Theological Seminary. Duncan Sills (on the left in the photo) has just finished his first year, is a keen hockey player and Watford fan and you can hear his first couple of sermons here at his visit recently on the sermon page – I think you’ll find them very helpful.

Marlborough Church plant

ReubenToday we had the pleasure of a visit from Reuben Mann, who is transitioning from being assistant pastor at Emmanuel Chippenham, to being the lead Church planter of the newly formed Emmanuel, Marlbough. Reuben shared with us about his work and future plans and also brought us a message from Jonah which you can listen to on our sermon finder. It is great to know that the Lord has blessed Marlborough with a new gospel work and we trust it will prosper for the welfare of God’s people there and to the glory of God in Christ.

Standing secure?


A recording of the event can be found here.

How vulnerable are you?

The fragility of our emotional well-being is often quite a shock to us.

Please join us at our ‘Standing Secure?’ event on Saturday 22 November as we hear from Chartered Psychologist Catherine Haddow about the fascinating but sometimes crippling subject of self-esteem. It is an area of emotional well-being that is often greatly misunderstood and the seriousness of its impact underplayed. Most importantly let’s consider what God has to say about our unique value and what this means for us as Christians as we stand secure in the light of Christ.

100 years! Remembrance Sunday

There is a brass plaque on our wall with twenty names on it, all men, all from this village, and of course all of them died in ‘The Great War’ – 1914-1918, a century ago. There were others too who for whatever reason, are not mentioned on the plaque.

A century ago the chapel here was in it’s heyday, 185 members in a village which at that time was probably only 500. Close knit, a semi-rural community on the outskirts of the working town of Trowbridge – then everything changed. the loss of 20-30 young men represents a massive blow. A blow to community, family, and yes, to faith. A decline in Church membership began after WW1 that only began to reverse after it hit it’s low point after WW2 at around 19 members left. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that any kind of upward curve began. New house in the area, new people, a new manse to home a Pastor and gradually the chapel has enjoyed a return towards better health.

A century is a long time, but on November 9th (10:30) we will be looking back, and looking forward in the light of these events. A new memorial has been constructed to mark the centenary 2014-2018. So do come along to the service, even if you are not a regular here at NBBC, and let’s pay our respects.

The photo at the top is of men of the Wiltshire Regiment waving their helmets as they march along the Acheux road to the trenches during the 1916 Battle of the Somme. Four of the men from North Bradley who died, died during the five months of that battle, including William Wilkins from this congregation.


A general view of the crowd in the MallThis Sunday at 10:30 is our harvest service. This is an all age service so the children will be in with us all. The service which, God willing, will also include the baptism of Liz Abbott, will be followed by our harvest meal. All welcome.

There is NO 9.00am service this Sunday!

Signposts X-tra

spxOnce a term we are pushing the boat out on a Friday night.

Each Friday we have an open session for primary aged children whose parents and carers wish to encourage them to to join us for an hour and a half of fun and games. The evenings always include some refreshments and time together considering the word of God. This term the theme is Continue reading “Signposts X-tra”