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We believe in timeless truth for the here and now.

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Shrove Tuesday - what does Shrove mean?

Shrove is the past tense of shrive - which has nothing directly to do with pancakes. To shrive is to confess to a priest, to gain absolution (forgiveness for sins, usually in exchange for doing pennance).

It's 500 years now since Martin Luther kicked over the sacred cow of unchallenged Catholic traditions such as shriving, but was anything better put in place, or are we just left flat with pancake day?

Tonight at NBBC, we look at Christ's priesthood and the priesthood of all believers.
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Emojis, how did we express our feelings before them? Love 😍 them or hate 😖 them, they remind us that behind what we say or do are these rich, diverse emotions.

Picking up from Sunday morning's message, we're looking further at this God given dimension of life, and how our feelings fit in the Maker's plan.

Sunday morning we continue in our worship, reading second Corinthians, focusing on what comforts us, especially in the hardest times. 😊

Sunday evening, still in Deuteronomy, and the call to resist those impulses that might make us do that which displeased God. 😠
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Today at dads'n'kids we discovered Rob's secret amazing face painting talents and Alex's mastery of the popcorn maker!

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