The Church here is committed to the truths of historic, biblical Christianity and is made up of people whose lives are being affected by God’s goodness in Christ.

We believe in timeless truth for the here and now.

We warmly invite you to join us.

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The dynamic lifestyle - the world is full of images of what that looks like. Well, the Bible is too, and they are radically different. This Sunday we are looking at apostles, priests and prophets. Dynamic lifestyles.

Acts 20:18-35 in the morning, Deuteronomy 18 in evening.

Our services always include time for worship, prayer, God's word and fellowship.

Come and join us.
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The word 'Christ', or 'Messiah' (in Hebrew, rather than Greek), is a title, rather than name. It is a title which brings together three distinct offices, those of Prophet, Priest and King. These three which historically were separate, are only held together in one person - 'The Christ' in all of Scripture. The Christian claim, is that Jesus of Nazareth is that one and only Christ.

On Tuesday at 7.30 we are looking at Christ the King, one of those three offices. In what way is Jesus, as Messiah, truely Israel's King?

We'll look at Him as Prophet and Priest in coming weeks.

Grab your Bible and come along.
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This weekend at NBBC we are looking first at the secret to being effective in sustained public Christian service - spending time alone with God. Then in the evening it's remaining a long term fruitful member of a Christian community - listening to God and doing things His way.

Readings: Acts 20:13-38, and Deut. 17.
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