What about the kids?

Good question. As a first time visitor it’s an important matter to work on if you have children yourself, and are wondering what’s expected. All I can say is that Jesus in His teaching would bring children on the centre stage at times and hold them up as examples to the adults around them, and when some wanted to dismiss them He was passionate about wanting even very young children to be able to relate to Him. This shapes our view.

Here at NBBC we seek to involve everyone from young to old as best we can, laying on age related services, and integrating all into the main meetings of the Church too. Children are welcome to stay right through Sunday services, or go out mid way through to have their own ministry with CRB approved helpers which usually take the themes we are dealing with in main sermon, and use it as a basis for teaching. We want everyone if possible to be on the same page.

We have some comfy chairs set to the back of the main meeting room where parents can sit with their kids, or if they are old enough, let them sit there with their friends. There are bench seats around the edge where teens can sit if they don’t want to sit right in the centre. We have a creshe too with sound relay, and the loo has a baby changing station. When the weather is good there is an outdoor climbing frame area, and grass to sit or play on. There are no awkward stairs for buggies.

In short, all in all, we think the kids will be ok, bring them along, there will be no frowning if a child cries, or whatever, a number of us here have children ourselves and they seem to get on fine, so bring it on.