Visit from Peru (and sermon recordings)

As part of our mission support plan, we identified the need to encourage the training and support of ministers as one of our priorities.

Daniel Caballero was born and raised in Peru whose evangelical Christian community has grown from 0.04% to 13% of the population since the 1979 census. He was identified as a promising young preacher who was supported to undertake a two year training programme at the London Theological Seminary which he will complete in June, after which he hopes to do a further six months post-graduate work before returning to Lima, Peru’s capital.

There is a great need for well trained ministers in these high growth areas for the work to be consolidated properly, and in our time getting to know Daniel since he first came to preach here last year (his first message delivered in English), we can see the promise.

It was a real blessing that he was able to visit us again this weekend to have some fellowship, and share in the work here. Daniel spoke at both services, and lead communion (for the first time, another NBBC first), in the morning.

You can here his message from Philippians 1:27-30 here: Living Worthy of Jesus and from Psalm 45 here: Jesus’ Beauty.