Toast 2014…changes.

Our youth work is changing.

For many years now we have run a free drop in here at NBBC in order to create a bridge from the church out into local families. The aim of this was to encourage people to find out more about Jesus and consider getting more involved. Looking back, we are very thankful for the valuable part the Toast club has played, we have had a lot of fun, made friends, and we hope, shown in a practical way, the love of Jesus who gives of Himself to us so freely.

We greatly appreciate the church members who act as our youth workers and volunteer week by week to organise, turn up, and provide materials for the groups. Now, as Pastor, I have to give careful thought right across the board, as to how people’s precious time and energies are directed.

The time has come to make a change to the way we are doing youth work to meet the changing priorities I am experiencing. So, as of next week Toast, as we know it, is being put to one side while we develop a new, more specific club. The aim of that club will be to meet the needs of those wanting to learn more about Jesus, as their numbers are growing and I am sure you will agree, it is at the core if what being a Church is about. We plan for this new club to begin after Easter and we would like to tell you more about it so keep your eyes on the site here.

Let me emphasise, this is a break, not the end, and between now and then, we would expect to put on some one off Toast events which will give opportunities for the kids to get together in a safe, supervised environment out of school and again, so please look out for our e-newsletter or watch our website or newsletters for details.

Signposts club is remaining as it is, at the usual time etc.

We trust you have all had a good Christmas and will have a very happy and prosperous 2014. We hope to see you in the coming year.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Ben Midgley