“Tiddlers” is our toddler group which runs through term time from 10.00-11:30am.  It’s a popular event with plenty of toys, coffee for the grown-ups, snacks for the little ones and a time of singing and Bible stories.

You will be very welcome to join us!

The flyer below has some information on the group:

We also have a facebook page for the various kids groups at NBBC, so why not log in there for updates and info.

If you need any further info please call Hana on 01225 763 583.

Signposts youth club

For Primary aged kids we have the Signposts Club every Friday during term time.

The club is on Fridays starting at 6:00pm, so come along for an hour and have a great time!

Once every couple of months we also run “The Hub” on a Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm.  This is an opportunity for the families to come along to an accessible church service which also incorporates a time of games and a light meal together.  There’s info about both Signposts and The Hub on the flyers below:


Signposts X-tra

spxOnce a term we are pushing the boat out on a Friday night.

Each Friday we have an open session for primary aged children whose parents and carers wish to encourage them to to join us for an hour and a half of fun and games. The evenings always include some refreshments and time together considering the word of God. This term the theme is Continue reading “Signposts X-tra”


SolidThis month we want to encourage teens to think about making the trip to Solid up at Bath. Click the image to find out more…