Signposts youth club

For Primary aged kids we have the Signposts Club every Friday during term time.

The club is on Fridays starting at 6:00pm, so come along for an hour and have a great time!

Once every couple of months we also run “The Hub” on a Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm.  This is an opportunity for the families to come along to an accessible church service which also incorporates a time of games and a light meal together.  There’s info about both Signposts and The Hub on the flyers below:


Toast youth club programme – Autumn 2012

Now everyone is back, or heading back to school, and the hols are over, it’s time to get the youth clubs back up and running.

Everything happens here.

Club for the Secondary age kids begins at 7:30 for Toast.

The full Toast programme is available here: Toast Autumn Programme.

It looks like it’s going to be a great term, so come along, and feel free to bring a friend.

To download the poster click here: toast_poster.