Tag: prayer

  • From BMW to NBBC

    Over the summer when things can be quieter, we offer a student at the London Theological seminary three weeks to come and preach at the end of their first year […]

  • CWI Prayer Support

    This evening we are having a prayer meeting to support the work of Christian witness to Israel. CWI is one of the five missions we give specific support. The meeting […]

  • Sunday 29th July sermon audios

    The day’s readings were from Exodus 30 in the morning, and Galatians 1 in the evening. Although the morning reading deals with the outward practices that were to be involved […]

  • FIEC Area Cluster – Leaders Meeting

    Tonight representatives from Widcombe, Union, Atworth, Penknapp, West Lavington, Clink, and ourselves at NBBC – the seven Churches, to update eachother, pray and plan. Joining us for the first time […]