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    Side-by-Side at Christmas

    Please join us on Zoom @4pm for our Side by Side at Christmas service.

  • Christmas at NBBC

    A very warm welcome awaits. We hope to see you there.

  • The D-Day of Redemption

    The birth of Christ is the beach head of the great plan of salvation that God planned from the beginning. This Christmas we are so thankful that the offer of […]

  • Christmas – the Darkside

    Without being overly negative about Christmas it has to be said, there is a dark side. I am not referring to the consumerism, hedonism, and nihilism that can pervade this […]

  • Christmas News

    The latest of Phil’s action packed news sheets can be found here: inner_page_christmas_2012 outer_page_christmas_2012

  • Family Service, and Dad’s Bacon Butty Drop in.

    This weekend we have lots on. The Signposts Club have their last rehearsal before they do their play at the morning service on Sunday. We are asking parents/carers to bring […]

  • Christmas and Atonement (Sermon Recordings)

    Today I spent the morning addressing that complicated animal – Christmas. It wasn’t so much a Christmas message, as a pre-Christmas message, in the same way you might see a […]