A general view of the crowd in the MallThis Sunday at 10:30 is our harvest service. This is an all age service so the children will be in with us all. The service which, God willing, will also include the baptism of Liz Abbott, will be followed by our harvest meal. All welcome.

There is NO 9.00am service this Sunday!

New Life

baptism glynEaster, as Richard Dawkins rightly said, is a pagan name for a festival that most other languages render more closely to the original ‘Passover’, or ‘Pesah’ which of course was the festival taking place in Israel at the time Jesus was Continue reading “New Life”

Baptism Report

The joy of a Baptism service, and in this case, a double Baptism.

We are really thankful that two of the young people here had given their lives to the Lord, and wanted to obey Jesus’ command to be baptised. (We practice  full immersion baptism of believer’s here)

Lots of people came along and it was great to be able to welcome so many Continue reading “Baptism Report”

William Kiffin and the Bradford Minister’s Fraternal

Church history is a bit lost on some folk, but it never ceases to amaze me when you think about what it might have been like to grow up at a different time. How did people try to work out their Christianity under such different circumstances?

Today, Robert Oliver at the minister’s fraternal at Bradford introduced us to the life of William Kiffin who I had never heard of. His dates are 1616-1701, and one is bound to think, what’s that to me?

What I came to think however, was just how much this man had shaped my, and probably your life. Continue reading “William Kiffin and the Bradford Minister’s Fraternal”