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  • Harvest

    This Sunday at 10:30 is our harvest service. This is an all age service so the children will be in with us all. The service which, God willing, will also include […]

  • New Life

    Easter, as Richard Dawkins rightly said, is a pagan name for a festival that most other languages render more closely to the original ‘Passover’, or ‘Pesah’ which of course was […]

  • Baptism Service and the end of Galatians

    We were very encouraged to see four new Christians giving testimony to their faith through Baptism this Sunday. They all expressed a desire to follow Jesus, a recognition of His […]

  • Baptism Report

    The joy of a Baptism service, and in this case, a double Baptism. We are really thankful that two of the young people here had given their lives to the […]

  • Sunday’s Baptism service sheet

    Sunday services for July 22nd

  • William Kiffin and the Bradford Minister’s Fraternal

    Church history is a bit lost on some folk, but it never ceases to amaze me when you think about what it might have been like to grow up at […]