Sunday Lunch

NBBC_Apr_13_smallIt’s a bit of a tradition, the family meal on a Sunday. These last few months we have been having a few people over to eat once a month on a Sunday after the service, usually about 60 at a time!

In this mobile age when communities are spread out and the nuclear family rules, we felt it was important, not just to share the bread and wine of communion, but a full meal together as an expression of the wider family of God.

Around the table we find time to be together, get to know each other, share the responsibility for serving and give thanks to God in our hearts for His goodness.

Last Sunday Simon brought his camera in and took some photos like the one above. There are a number of members of the Church who were away that weekend, and others, friends, family etc. who joined us too, so it’s more of a random sample than a comprehensive list, but the atmosphere comes over very well to me, a mixed group happily serving Christ together.