Sunday 30th April

It was really encouraging to have a good number of visitors joining us on Sunday,  especially as a number of our regular congregation were away this weekend.

In the morning we looked at the second part of our series from Acts 13:1-3 in which we looked at this dynamic Church’s leadership  last week, followers this time, and then finally next time, direction. This week being ‘followers’ we examined the effectiveness of the leadership by the quality of the followers, just like you evaluate a tree by it’s fruit. This is an important principle to establish.

At Antioch in vs 2, we saw they were worshippers, fasters, and hearers of God’s word – pretty good fruit! What are we like?

In the evening we continued in Exodus, reading chapter 21:1-32 which is in some ways a difficult section to approach as it deals with Israel’s civil laws which might understandably not seem relevant today. However, 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all scripture is inspired and therefore useful to teach us, so we approached it with this in mind and found a powerful lesson on forgiveness, freedom, and responsability for us imbedded in the text.

This lead on to a good time of corporate prayer together.