Sunday 29th April – Followers, and Freedom

Being a follower is not a life sentence, it is an essential part of getting anywhere. The important thing is making sure you follow the right people, in the right way, and good followers end up making good leaders too, two different disciplines, both of which we do well to master.

Looking again into the book of Acts, chapter 13:1-3 we look at the stamp and quality of those following Jesus in the Church in Antioch to learn from their example. You can hear what got said on the subject of Followers here.

In the evening we were looking into the Law of Moses, reading Exodus 21:1-32. Without looking at each individual law by itself, we took a view of the whole passage and it’s overwhelming theme – Freedom. We then finished our evening with a time of open prayer which is just a great way to end a day spent together and with God. 

2 Replies to “Sunday 29th April – Followers, and Freedom”

  1. Roy Ilott

    A fascinating take on a previously skimmed over set of Old Testament laws. Thank you for a stimulating and interesting presentation; there is freedom in these laws and positive promises of God on how the wandering people of Israel were to gain in the future.

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