Six thousand years in six hours (4)

CeasarLast year a lot of interest was expressed in a short beginner, or refresher course for people wanting to familiarise themselves with the Bible.

We have come up with a short course of six, one hour sessions to run once a month between now and the summer which is designed for anyone with an interest whether or not they are ‘religious’.

The first session was on Geography – where did it all happen? The second week asked History – when did this happen? Session 3 was  looking at the writing. Authorship – who wrote the Bible?

This time: The People – who were they?

Come along, the session is on Tuesday May 7th at 7:30 and enjoy chatting it through for an hour over a cup of coffee… cost, and no pressure.

Following sessions will be on the Books, and Main Events of the Bible.

You can listen to session 3 here: The Writing of Kings and the question time which followed here: Question Time