Praying for leaders


The World is a fast changing place these days, especially in the crucial Middle East. Tonight we spent time considering some of those in positions of authority for whom we are told in 1 Timothy 2:2 to pray for, that believers ‘may live peaceful and quiet lives’ – and for ‘people to be saved’. The reality at present is that believers are anything but free to live in peace very often, all the more reason to pray. Here are some of the names of people, friend or foe, and in no particular order, we were mentioning for prayer – List of leaders.

As things seem to be coming to a head – either with Iran over it’s nuclear ambitions, or with Russia in it’s expansionist agenda in Ukraine, or with Israel’s Netanayu up for election after his upcoming controversial speech to the US Congress, the emergence of ISIL, or the need for political stability in countries like Nigeria in sub-Saharan Africa, Christians need to take their place as watchmen and pray.