Jubilee competition winner

We all had a great time with all the people who visited our tent at the Jubilee event held here in the village. We were so thankful that so many families came along, and as a result we had over a hundred entrants for our children’s competition. Too many to paste them all up here, though if you’d like to see your child’s photo, leave a comment and we’ll e-mail it to you as we’ll keep them on file for a bit as they’re so nice.

The competition was simple, use the icing and sprinkles to design a Jubilee biscuit – then eat it! But not before we could take a photo for our judges.

We have selected five winners, four of whom get high commendation for their work, and the fifth, wins the prize of a set of commemorative stamps framed which should turn out to be a nice momento of the victory, and occassion.

The four highly commended biscuits are:

This one by Callum D. Who went to great trouble to find blue coloured baubles to match exactly the blue icing he chose. Also, keeping the red, white and blue theme with a bit of gold thrown in for a royal flourish. Well done Callum.

Next is Charlotte who used her imagination to turn the biscuit into a letter addressed to the Queen. Using such careful writing, and a lovely decorative touch, she worked hard on her own to produce this little scrummy gem.

Then there is Jacob V who is only a tiny tot, and for his age clearly has a lot of talent, but also a great deal of concentration. He worked on this for ages all by himself, and has come away with a really well planned design. Everything is very considered, and the colours are quite delicate, the effect is really charming. Super!

Finally, of the highly commended, there is Leo. His work took him ages, as he painstakingly planned each move, and made sure everything lined up perfectly. He took such care that instead of putting blobs of icing on the biscuit and squishing baubles on, he iced each bauble with just the right amount to stop it getting messy. The theme too is very Jubileeish, excellent.

Our first prize however goes to Phoebe B who’s biscuit you can see at the top of the page. Although Phoebe is a little older than the others we’ve mentioned, just like them, she had fun, but worked hard, and has really got a very happy result. You can just see the care and attention she put into it, and her sense of design, and colour is both festive, and fetching I’m sure you will agree.

So we congratulate Pheobe B and all the others we have, and have not mentioned, it’s been great to see your hard work, and we trust you enjoyed your biscuits. It’s a very important part of Church life, so it seems a good skill to acquire young.