Is Jesus really the only way?


Phil’s talk at toast on Friday set out the differences and similarities between Christianity and the other faiths.

These days, no-one can just tell kids, or anyone else for that matter, what to believe and expect an uncritical response. The task is to reason, persuade, convince, and make the case.

To summarise, the point being made was that all religions broadly agree about the problem – people are separated from God, and need to get to Him. The difference is that all the other faiths basically prescribe a series of observances people can perform, which, if done well, should get you where you need to go in the end. Christianity however, says actually there is nothing we can do, the only solution is not in our efforts but in God’s own initiative.

The trustworthiness of this can be evaluated by the fact that the solution is of no obvious benefit to God who bears the whole cost, and of course this brings Him the whole glory – is this what real religion would do, give all the glory to God? Sounds like the real deal.