FIEC Area Cluster – Leaders Meeting

Tonight representatives from Widcombe, Union, Atworth, Penknapp, West Lavington, Clink, and ourselves at NBBC – the seven Churches, to update eachother, pray and plan.

Joining us for the first time was John Ikin who takes up the ministery at Bath Union Chapel as of Sunday, it was good to be able to pray with and meet him.

We read Romans 10:14-15 together, and considered the importance of the work we are undertaking, and the gulf we need to cross to correct the faulty perspective so many have of the basis for any future hope they have. So many are trusting themselves, instead of trusting Jesus for their futures, and those false hopes will disappoint. We need to make the good news known.

What was encouraging as we listened to the reports was that despite the material differences between all our congregations, all of them are engaged in evangelism, direct, one to one, face to face, on the doors, in the community evangelism.

Not just that but each Church in proportion to their size, is making some progress. 

Conversions, baptisms, new members, outreaches, new projects, much to give thanks for. Even the toughest situations seem to be offering some light, so that’s good news.

We looked at the possibility of doing something  together for our mutual encouragement in the autumn, and hopefully that will come together. We also look forward to meeting the other four FIEC Cluster groups in our region in July to hear how they have been getting on.

There is already a sense that the new structure is helping us do what we hoped, producing more meaningful local fellowship.