The easing of restrictions in July 2021 was inevitably met with a variety of responses. As such, we would urge that as a church we all strive to “bear with one another in love” (Ephesians 4:2), doing what we can to help and support each other, maintaining our unity in the Spirit. The pointers below outline what our Sunday services now “look like” since the changes in July 2021:

We have stopped using Eventbrite as a booking system for “physical” attendance at services.  Instead you can simply turn up on the day. 

We would ask that if you have a cold or feel unwell that you stay at home and join on Zoom instead. 

Zoom log-in details are sent out to those on our mailing list each week. Please do fill in the contact form on the website if you would like to receive this information from us.

You’ll be greeted on the door and asked to apply hand sanitiser.  The welcomers won’t shake your hand (or hug you!) unless this is something that you initiate.  We won’t hand out any news sheets unless you specifically request one; instead the news sheet will be emailed out (as per the current practice) on Saturday.  To limit the amount of passing around of items, please do remember to bring a Bible with you if at all possible.

You will be free to choose where to sit.  The rows will be more spaced out than in the pre-Covid days, but most chairs will now be placed side-by-side in rows of 6 or 7.  We will include some single / double rows for those that still would prefer more space.   

The Church Hall
We will aim to maintain good ventilation within the building.  There is now no one-way system.  We would ask that you clean the toilet area with the items provided after use.     

The Service
We are finally able to sing indoors!  We will continue to use the current format of worship videos initially rather than introducing the band – it makes integrating with Zoom much easier.  Communion will be part of the service once per month and will be fairly “normal” in the way it is administered, but we will continue to use the pre-packaged wafer / wine cups that have been used over recent months for the time being.  The creche room will be open with relay facilities for any who need it.  Kids work for primary-aged children will occur during the sermon, as per our previous pattern. 

This is perhaps the most contentious issue, but we have decided to make the wearing of face-coverings optional. 

For those who feel particularly vulnerable or sensitive about this matter there is a marked “zone” in the church hall where face-coverings must be worn.  We would thus ask that if you would like to interact with anyone who is in this zone that you are sensitive to their feelings and put on a face-covering before interacting with them.  

We have already noted that some other people have continued to wear face-coverings not specifically because they feel vulnerable or anxious, but simply as an act of self-sacrificial love to help others feel more at ease.  Whatever your reasons, we would want you to feel free to wear a face covering wherever you choose to sit in the church hall.