The revision in government covid regulations in this week (December 2021) will have some important implications for us as a church at NBBC. We’ve tried to summarise the main points below.   

  1. As the law now requires, please wear a face covering when entering the building unless you are exempt.
  2. The law states that attendees may remove face coverings to sing, but that face coverings should be worn throughout the rest of the service. As before, those who are leading at the front (whether by preaching, reading or praying) can remove their face covering whilst undertaking their duty.     
  3. Refreshments will continue to be served after the service, and masks can be removed to partake of those (and put back on afterwards, please). It may be worth considering moving outdoors after the service (if weather permits) as the new regulations only apply to indoor settings.
  4. We already had an area of the church building designated for those who would prefer to wear a face covering (and preferred others around them to do the same). We will keep this designated area, so please sit here if you feel uncomfortable being close to those who plan to remove their face covering for elements of the gathering such as singing or refreshments. 
  5. Primary age activities (including Tiddlers, Signposts and Kids’ Church) can continue as before. Neither children or leaders / helpers are required to wear face coverings during these activities. However, activities for secondary age children, such as Rooted, will now require young people and adults to wear masks indoors.

We recognise that there is a great deal of dispute and discussion about the new regulations, and we all have lots of questions about what is appropriate, loving or logical.  We would urge a similar approach to that we have requested in previous times – that as a church we all strive to “bear with one another in love” (Ephesians 4:2).  Let’s do what we can to help and support each other, maintaining our unity in the Spirit.