We are now able to hold “physical” meetings back in the church hall, and we’ve been doing this since September 2020.

If you would like to attend a service in person, there are some procedures attached to this page, and we would ask that you read through them carefully. They deal with basic topics such as toilets, water, arrivals, departures etc.

You may also wish to read our Risk Assessment. Both these documents are attached below, and are printed out at church on the noticeboard.

Below is an attempt to answer some of the questions that you may have, as you consider whether you wish to return to physical church meetings.

Q: What services will be running at NBBC?
A: We plan to run the 10.30am service every Sunday morning from 6th September.

Q: Can I just turn up on Sunday mornings at 10.30am?
A: No, we are asking people to book in advance using the link You will not be able to attend a service unless you have reserved a space for the date on which you plan to attend, and have received email acknowledgement of this from Eventbrite. Please register by the Friday before the Sunday in question, as we need to set out chairs appropriately for those who are coming, taking account of households and bubbles.

Q: I tried to book a place, but there were no more spaces available. What should I do?
A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to attend on that day, as the church needs to operate at reduced capacity to maintain social distancing. Please email Richard on, and he will ensure you are given priority booking for the following week.

Q: If I am not at church, can I still join in using Zoom?
A: The service will still be on Zoom as currently. You will be able to see others who are also joining via Zoom, and you will be able to see the preacher. You will not see those who are physically present in the church building, although they will be able to see you, as we plan to project the Zoom service to enable those in the church building to see the words of songs.

Q: What will be different about the service?
A: It’s important that we all look after each other, and particularly those who are clinically vulnerable, so coming to church will not be the same as it was before. The procedures document written by John explains these differences.

Q: I do not wish to attend services physically at this time, but I am on the rota for reading / praying. Can I still serve in this way?
A: Yes, you will be able to read / pray on Zoom as you are currently doing. Those in the church building will still be able to hear you.