Constitution Sunday

Last Sunday was actually quite a historic day in the life of NBBC.

Due in part to the need to comply with current Charity Commission regulations, and also for our own internal ease, it became clear that we were needing to significantly update our Church Rules, and adopt for the first time a proper Constitution.

As is often the case with older congregations like ourselves which date back to 1775, in an ever changing World, especially the last half century, there is real need to make sure we are fit for purpose today. After a Members Meeting last night, we unanimously voted in these new measures, and it is so good to know after what has been quite a lot of work, that we have made some real progress.

The whole exercise has had the benefit of giving us the opportunity of reviewing our whole body of practice in light of Scripture, and it has been a good theological stretch for us all.

As a result, the Biblical model of Elders and Deacons, as opposed to Pastor and Deacons has been clearly defined, and accepted, with a much more even distribution of powers between Members, Deacons, and Elders which encourages all believers to play their part for example. Also we have established our position on sexuality, ecumenism, and Baptism far more clearly than before, and a whole host of other things.

All in all it’s a good day for NBBC going forward, and we thank God.