Baptism Report

The joy of a Baptism service, and in this case, a double Baptism.

We are really thankful that two of the young people here had given their lives to the Lord, and wanted to obey Jesus’ command to be baptised. (We practice  full immersion baptism of believer’s here)

Lots of people came along and it was great to be able to welcome so many on this special occasion, and to get know folk afterwards at the bbq we had here in the grounds.

We read together from Acts 2:41-42 and went on to try to describe the simple outline of what makes a real Church. Firstly, a place where the gospel in believed and preached, secondly a place where those who respond to the message are then baptised, and thirdly, where people continue to be committed to the Lord and each other and express that in regular communion.  The sort of thing I outlined in another article on this site called normal Christian growth.

Sadly the recording for both morning and evening services were not of a very good quality otherwise they would be pasted here, but it was a good day, and we continue to pray that we will all continue on together in the Lord’s work here.