Anniversary Bonfire and Services

237 years is quite an innings. Here’s a few photos from the bonfire party we had to celebrate, and sermon recordings from John Edmonds from Freshbrook Evangelical Church in Swindon who came to speak here on the Sunday.

Jonah 1 – Surprising Sovereignty

Jonah 4 – Amazing Mercy

As you will see, we decided on an Egyptian theme after finishing a series of studies in Exodus which celebrates the freedom of Israel from Egyptian oppression.

I would especially like to thank E.J. Shanley’s for the wood, and delivery. Matt for getting up the ladder to do the high bits. The gang who turned up and put in the hours, especially including Tom. Roy, who was a trooper. Zigz who was the genius behind the finishing touches. Dan who didn’t have the time to come with the tractor, but came anyway. Sian for the lunches. John and Babs for getting the BBQ food together. Keilan who bought, lit, and organised the fireworks. Phil who did the risk assessments even though he couldn’t come. Walter and John for stewarding. Loads of other people who worked behind the scenes. All the brill folks who came and made it such an enjoyable evening, but especially God who through Jesus Christ has given us so much to celebrate and be thankful for.

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