Zulu’s in Zambia


Andrew Alsop returned on Monday from what he described as his best preaching tour yet of the new Church plants he is involved with in Zambia. Sixteen days of travelling from congregation, to congregation,¬†preaching, often several times a day. At last’s night’s prayer meeting he said the people were warm and friendly, and he was glad to make new connections as well as revisit those he knew from before.

Conditions are mostly pretty impoverished, roads are bad and dangerous, the AIDS epidemic makes it’s presence felt, there are orphans, and those living with the disease. Village Pastor Geoffrey Zulu and his wife who Andrew and Jo have long standing links with, live in a house with no proper roof on just ¬£75 a month! That said, there is great faith, and the Churches are growing.

This coming Sunday morning, Andrew will be preaching here, and no doubt speaking a little more about the whole experience.