NBBC Gospel Partners

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Philippians 1:3-5)

Our aim is to support “gospel partners” across a variety of missions, both close to home and overseas.

Taking the relationship between the Apostle Paul and the Philippian church as our example, we hope our gospel partnerships too are characterised by intimacy.  They knew each other and cared for each other (Philippians 1:8).  It was a partnership with people, not an organisation.

We hope that like them our partnerships also are informed.  We can see in Philippians 4:4 and 4:16 that Paul and the Philippians knew each other’s needs.  We aim to have good communication with our gospel partners so we can support each other well, and so our praying is informed and effective.

Thirdly, we want these partnerships to be involved (as we see in Philippians 1:5).  We aim for long term, consistent relationships with both giving and receiving (Philippians 4:16) at it’s heart.

These partnerships should involved purses (Philippians 4;16), people (they sent personnel as we see in Chapter 2), and prayer (Philippians 1:3-4 and 1:19).

With these things in mind we currently support the following gospel partners at NBBC:

Daniel Caballero working with UFM / GBM in Peru.

Valathi Outreach Church Ministries

Chris Morgan with his local outreach ministry

New Wall Panels

iNTERIORWe’d like to express our thanks to Dan and Gordon from the Graphic Mill who came along and installed the new panels on our back wall this week.

The panel bears a map of the world with a focus on the area where the events of the Bible took place, a local area map and the words of Jesus – Go and make disciples of all nations above the door.

We feel this is fitting to walk past on our way out from our meetings here as it brings us to the great commission, and Christ’s commandment to reach out. Meetings are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

Swabian Adventure

This last weekend my son and I boarded a plane from Heathrow to Stuttgart in Germany. We were there to take part in a conference organised by Armin Bachor, CEO of EDI, a sister organisation to CWI of which I am Chairman.

Arriving to a warm welcome, a Church house group BBQ and a game of football in the park in beautiful 24 degrees, really nice families and good food. We stayed in the Church run hotel, opposite the Church Centre, Christian Cafe, Shop, worship building and youth Centre, all on the town main square!

On the Saturday we were treated to a visit to the Stuttgart Library where the only complete (bar one page) of Tyndale’s First Edition of the new testament is kept. There can probably be no more momentous historic document in terms of the shaping of the modern world and saving of countless souls. Melvyn Bragg’s  recent documentary about it was chillingly powerful.

We also visited the museum commemorating the birthplace of the nearly as momentous, automobile at the Mercedes Museum.

The conference itself was well attended with a good range of participants. I was very grateful for the translators who helped me get my messages across when talking more personally, discussing with the panel, or preaching from the Scriptures.

We were sad to leave, felt we had made in a short time, good friends and were encouraged to hear that the conference had been well received.

I was also really heartened to hear how well things had gone here at Church in my absence.


Coffee and Theology

DanielOver the next few weeks we have coffee connoisseur and theological student Daniel Caballero working here at NBBC again. He is here gaining pastoral experience and helping out before returning home to Peru (Paddington Bear) after his Masters Degree at the John Owen Centre as a UFM missionary.

This Sunday he is preaching from 1 John 4 on the love of God, do come, and on Tuesday, he will be speaking here about the work in Peru.

You can hear the first message here: What is love?

The second message is here: Don’t waste your life

The third session was on Daniel’s: Training vision

FIEC Area gathering

FIEC‘s family of over five hundred Churches is broken down into areas and clusters which are divisions of those areas. Our area, the south west, comprises seventeen Churches spread from Swindon, to Bath, to Chippenham with situations like ours at North Bradley in between. Given the geographical spread the cluster group we are in is where our most direct contact takes place, but it is good to meet as we did last Thursday, as an area. Continue reading “FIEC Area gathering”