New Life

baptism glynEaster, as Richard Dawkins rightly said, is a pagan name for a festival that most other languages render more closely to the original ‘Passover’, or ‘Pesah’ which of course was the festival taking place in Israel at the time Jesus was Continue reading “New Life”

Maunday Thursday, Passover demonstration

passoverThis evening at 7:30 we are beginning our services for Easter with some time thinking about the meal our Lord ate with His disciples the night He was betrayed, the Last Supper, which is the basis for our communion meal with Him also.

We are reading Exodus 12, Luke 22 and 1 Corinthians 11.

There will be some food to taste, some music to sing and above all some time to consider the glory of the Messiah. Everyone welcome.

Tomorrow morning at 10.00 we meet for Good Friday to consider Jesus’ last words: It is finished!