Sunday 22nd April

The morning service focused on the importance of both diversity and unity. Gospel unity, and personal diversity.

Reading from the book of Joshua, chapter 1 we saw how God promised to be  as much with Moses and He was with Joshua. The disciples of Jesus hundreds of years later had the same promise, as do we. Even though we are all different, we can all know God.

The younger children looked at this further from 1st Corinthians 12.12 and Paul’s image of the Church as a body, made up of different parts. The rest of us began looking at Acts 13.1-3, focusing on vs 1, seeing how diverse the leadership team at Antioch was, yet how effective.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean suppressing your personality, on the contrary, it is crucial to the overall vividness of the witness of the Church to the unique person of God’s Son.

Click on the following link to hear the morning’s messages: Leaders.

In the evening service we looked into Exodus 20:18-26, the post-script to the ten commandments. In those lines we saw, if you will, an eleventh and most precious commandment – to build an Altar, a place of sacrifice, a place of worship, a place of blessing, and meeting with God.

Through this we considered how unable we are to give God the perfect obedience the ten commandments deserve, but that through the eleventh – sacrifice, and ultimately and gloriously the sacrifice Jesus, God’s Son, we can know fellowship and acceptance from God.

You can listen to the evening message here – Sacrifice.