Funeral notice

Jim Lanfear’s funeral will take place at North Bradley Baptist Church on Friday, 1st November at 12 noon, followed by the internment at the Church cemetery.

New Life

baptism glynEaster, as Richard Dawkins rightly said, is a pagan name for a festival that most other languages render more closely to the original ‘Passover’, or ‘Pesah’ which of course was the festival taking place in Israel at the time Jesus was Continue reading “New Life”

New Elders, Deacons, and Members.

Last night the Church met to make use of the new Church Rules which we agreed at our previous meeting. These set out more clearly the distinctive roles of Elders, and Deacons, but also clarified issues over membership. As a result we had the nomination of three Elders to consider, three for Deacons, eight new members, and five junior members.

I am very happy to say, all nominations were warmly endorsed.

You can read a brief profile of our leadership team here: Leaders.

Constitution Sunday

Last Sunday was actually quite a historic day in the life of NBBC.

Due in part to the need to comply with current Charity Commission regulations, and also for our own internal ease, it became clear that we were needing to significantly update our Church Rules, and adopt for the first time a proper Constitution. Continue reading “Constitution Sunday”