Queen’s speech


The Jubliee is coming up, and we will be involved in a few things in June.

To warm up to it we published this poster with a quotation from HRH from the last Christmas speech in which she said ‘God sent into the World an unique person – neither a philospoher nor a general, important though they are, but a Saviour, with the power to forgive.’ Many Christians felt moved, and thankful that the speech was so warm in commending Jesus Christ.

The last 60 years have certainly been among the most peaceful on record for this realm, and this is a cause for thanksgiving, but people are looking forward to the next 60 with much greater uncertainty. We want to play our part in enriching life here by proclaiming the good news of Jesus, and calling people together as a community of God’s people. Jesus’ peace is the only certain peace.

On the Jubilee weekend we hope to be taking part in the celebrations at the Peace Memorial Hall, here in North Bradley on June 2nd, and inviting everyone to join us on the Sunday for The Big Lunch – in short, everyone bring a picnic to eat after the service. Be good to see as many as can getting together, we have a new flag pole that I guess we’ll unveil on the occassion, and have some family time.




Bonfire night

November 5th is the Anniversary of the Church’s founding in 1775, it is also, which goes without saying, an important commemoration in British history. The consequence is that we usually have a bonfire and BBQ here for anyone and everyone who turns up, sometimes that’s a couple of hundred.

Recently the bonfires have been themed – one year a pirate ship, the next a castle, it’s a lot of fun, and all sorts of people get involved. This year we will have to see what happens but we are looking forward to it.

Usually a guest speaker is invited for the Sunday nearest the date, and this year John Edmonds who is the new Pastor at Freshbrook Evangelical Church, Swindon is visiting us.

It has also become our policy to give the offerings given on that day to mission societies we are supporting. Last year we sent gifts to help Church planting among the Vietnamese in London, Bible translation in the Philippines, and Borneo, and Evangelism here in the UK.